Exclusive: Premium Marketing Offer

Writing your book is only half the story.

The next challenge is to put it in the hands of the readers you wrote it to serve...and as many of them as possible.

Deep River Books, in partnership with Big Rock Ideas, introduces a Premium Marketing program for 2017.

Great Value. Measurable Results.

The Premium Marketing program expands the reach and impact of Deep River Book's standard marketing for authors who are motivated to maximize direct book sales, build their platforms and publish additional books in the future. 


What you get

You'll take part in an 18-month marketing campaign -- four months pre-launch, a two-month launch and 12 months of sustaining post-launch activity -- that includes:

  • A customized website 
  • Expanded profile on Deep River Books' website
  • 10 blog posts
  • 60 social media posts
  • 3 email campaigns
  • 7 e-newsletter features


Big Rock Ideas 2017 Titles

How to enroll

Big Rock Ideas will enroll up to 12 authors whose books are scheduled to launch in 2017.

To qualify an author must have a platform of at least 1,000.

A signed letter of agreement and $500 program deposit will be due in November 2016.

4 Reasons to Say "Yes"

Until now the best way to boost awareness and sales of your book has been to hire a publicist. Typical agreements cost $10,000-$15,000 for a three-month, media-driven campaign, with results that are often challenging to quantify. 

Premium Marketing takes an innovative approach using proven, digital marketing strategies in an extensive 18-month program that generates quantifiable results at a fraction of the cost.  

Here are just four reasons this program is unique, powerful and an outstanding value:

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  1. Inbound Marketing: Marketing today is happening primarily online, finding and engaging users based on their interests and behaviors. 
  2. Content Control: You control your content and messaging. 
  3. Expertise: Big Rock Ideas leads campaign implementation, provides expert coaching and accountability, and analyzes campaign metrics with you to continually optimize results.
  4. HubSpot Technology: As a HubSpot partner, Big Rock Ideas is creating access for Premium Marketing participants to this industry-leading marketing automation, powerful technology that previously has been accessible to authors with large platforms and marketing budgets.