2017 Cherry Bekaert Seminar, Non-Profit Organizations 

Marketing that Counts by Nanette Kirsch, Principal of Big Rock Ideas

Thank you for attending the Cherry Bekaert event. It was a pleasure to meet all of you. This page offers access to the presentation for seminar attendees and some additional information about the tools and resources profiled in my session. If you have questions please feel free to email me at nanette@bigrockideas.com or call me at 724-316-5486. 

Wishing you a very successful 2018!

Presentation on SlideShare


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HubSpot is leading comprehensive inbound marketing platform for small to medium businesses today. It offers CRM, web and blog hosting, email marketing, social media monitoring and publishing, lead scoring and a complete toolset for digital marketing, including calls-to-action, keywords, landing pages and more.


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Squarespace lets you build elegant, mobile-responsive websites for $200. Its drag and drop functionality and a convenient integration with Getty Images lets you create a beautiful and highly functional website without requiring graphic design support. It even has an integration with Stripe for e-commerce. On the donation side, I've linked my clients' "Donate" button to a Network for Good landing page with great success


MailChimp protects your organization against spam-related issues for bulk email marketing. It allows you to upload email lists, customize your emails and monitor open rates and click through rates for your campaigns for free or a small subscription fee, based on volume. 


Yip Yip amplifies your recruiting and marketing efforts on social media by leveraging employees as ambassadors, carrying and endorsing messages out across their individual media platforms.